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Why is Strength Training Important?

VOL. I - Week 1

Strength training uses resistance to build muscle.  Some examples of strength training are lifting weights, resistance bands, pushups, squats, walking with resistance by going up stairs or walking at an incline on a treadmill. Anything you can do to involve resistance is strength training!


It is a common misconception that you cannot lose weight with strength training. In fact, the opposite is true, because the more muscle mass you have the higher your metabolism rate will be.  Muscle helps your body burn more fat.  Strength training does not require an overwhelming commitment.  One-hour sessions three times each week is adequate if you have a proper training program to assist you. Pride Strength Training offers both one-on one personal training and programming options to help you meet this goal while working within your busy schedule!


In addition to losing weight and increasing muscle mass, another benefit of strength training is combatting disease. Muscle is one of the most important organ systems we have in our body for BOTH combatting disease and burning fat.  It becomes more and more important as we age and is the number one most overlooked aspect of our health.


Loss of muscle leads to a rise in cortisol, insulin, stress hormones, blood sugar levels and more.  The focus must be on building muscle and preserving muscle, our bodies 24/7 fat burner, rather than focusing simply on weight loss. Besides, weight loss will be a biproduct of strength training, in addition to the other great benefits!

10-year-old girl particpates in strength training at Pride Strength Training Gym in Tampa, Florida.
Fun Fact: You are never too old or too young for strength training!

Muscle is the key to longevity.  The more muscle we have the less fatigued we will be, the less fragile our bodies.  Building muscle through strength training assists in fighting off illness, increases the body’s ability to return from injuries and prevents chronic diseases. It’s the first day of a new month, the best time to come in and commit to being the healthiest version of yourself!

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