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HiTrainer Pro

Fatigue is a performance killer in any sport or workout and it increases injury risks. In the heat of the game, rapid recovery between bursts of high energy is essential to keep an athlete performing at their best

High-intensity HiTrainer Pro training achieves the results of a traditional 20-minute workout in only three to five minutes. 

Cardio Training

Comparison studies between interval and endurance training show better cardiovascular outcomes from intervals.  The HiTrainer programs use short training intervals to encourage clients to reach peak speed. Research indicates that peak speed generation sufficiently stimulates mechanisms underlying both aerobic and anaerobic adaptations to training.

Circuit Training

An ideal station to introduce Sprint Interval training, the HiTrainer is the perfect anchor for cross-conditioning circuits and small group training. Instant performance feedback motivates users to realize their potential while promoting healthy competition in the facility.

Sled Training

Increasing lean mass is an essential component of any training program, especially when body composition is the goal. Research shows sprinting against resistance will provide sufficient overload to stimulate an increase in lean mass, sustaining metabolic rate during fat loss.

Prevent and Manage injuries with Left and Right Data

Walking with resistance will quickly rebuild your cardio and strength with minimal impact on your joints.

The Left & Right data received from the force sensors allow trainers to ascertain if the user’s movement pattern is symmetrical while running and if equal amounts of force are produced on each side of the body. Imbalances might let a coach know:

  • If an athlete has recovered from injury physically

  • If an athlete has recovered mentally from an injury

  • If the proper bio-mechanics are in place

  • If an un-discovered imbalance has the potential to cause further more debilitating injury.


Touch Screen Graphic Readouts

  • Previous Best Shadow- A

  • Distance

  • Average Speed

  • Peak Speed- B

  • Time to Peak Speed

  • Left/ Right Forces- C

  • Balance- D

  • Average Power

  • Peak Power- E

  • Time to Peak Power

  • Reaction Time

  • Threshold Under/ In /

  • Above Times

  • Cumulated Sprints Data

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