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Corporate WEllness

Here's Why Gym Memberships Help Your Employees!

Exercise Improves Health and Wellness

You can offer gym memberships as part of your wellness program.


If you are already offering wellness benefits such as a workplace counselor or an in-house wellness service, adding a gym membership plan makes it a complete package!


Exercise is Cost-Effective

A wellness program can keep an employee healthy, thus avoiding chronic, long term illness that require expensive medication or surgeries. In turn a gym membership is less costly than pricey medical bills. A gym membership can help reduce your company’s healthcare cost.

Exercise is Preventative Maintenance

Employees who exercise are generally healthier than those who are not. They will tend to take fewer sick days. Working out regularly has many health benefits. It can improve sleep, lower heart disease, and help maintain a healthy weight.

Optimized Physical and Mental Health Means More Productivity

Exercise ultimately leads to a highly conducive and productive mental state. More energy for your daily tasks, more productivity.


If your employees are mentally and physically stronger, they will be more mentally focused and productive in their respective respective areas.

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