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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an athlete specific gym?

No, with all of our specialized equiptment  and knowledge we are built on the foundation to help everyone reach their goals.

How do your memberships work?

Everything is on a month to month basis. We don't want our members to pay for their membership if they are not using it.

What is the benefit of doing the programming option?

The programming option allows you to have a set workout schedule based on your goals and body.  It also allows you to get familiar with our equipment. 

How does the program option work?

The program is a 4-week schedule that we design based on the member's needs. We can design up to 7 training days.  Each week you will work off the same program, but there will be progressions involved to make it harder as you go. We use this system to track your progress. After the month is complete, we will look over your completed program and adjust for the next month to make sure our members are achieving their goals.

Is there a benefit of doing my assessments right when I sign up here?

Tracking progress is key to knowing if you're attaining your goals. If we don't know where you started then we don't know how much you've accomplished within the time period of doing your assessments again. 

How many months in between should I wait to do my assessments again?

We recommend 2-3 months in between assessments. That way it gives your body time to adapt to changes.

Should I wear something specific when I do my assessments?

Yes, when doing the BodyMetrix Ultrasound we recommend wearing shorts because we have to get to a site on the thigh. For women, we recommend wearing a sports bra. When doing the RMR we recommend wearing something comfortable because you're going to be laying down resting.  When doing the DARI wear comfortable shoes that you can jump in or do specialized exercises in. 

How long does each assessment take?

The RMR and BodyMetrix Ultrasound takes about 15 minutes each to run the tests. The DARI takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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