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Strength Training for Weight Loss

VOL I - Week 2

It’s National Women’s Day, so we thought it appropriate to talk about a topic that we are consistently asked by our female clients … and the 56% of American women who tried to lose weight in the past 12 months:


Can I lose weight with strength training?


The answer is YES! As new discussed in Volume 1 – Week 1 of our blog series, Why Strength Training, strength training is the technique of using resistance or weights to build your muscle mass and strength; you can even use your own body weight to achieve this. The goal is to build muscle, which has numerous benefits, like bone health and overall strength and motility.

A female client lifts weights with her personal trainer at Pride Strength Training in Tampa, FL.
Meet Monica, our #fitspo client of the week!


“But if I am building muscle mass, how am I losing weight?” you may ask. Yeah, we get that question, a lot. Strength training aids weight loss by building muscle mass, which is more metabolically active than fat tissue. The more muscle you build, the higher your resting metabolic rate, and the more calories you can burn - even while sleeping, cooking dinner, watching your kid’s ballgame, or attending a concert. Muscle is a 24/7 fat burner!


While cardio also has health benefits, it solely relies on spiking your heart rate in order to burn calories, so once you have stopped exercising, you have stopped burning fat; this means that your weight loss potential is confined to the amount of time you exercise. Conversely, with strength training, the muscle you build burns fat around the clock; talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

A female client uses weights during her strength training session.
Monica has lost 16 lbs. in 16 weeks with her personalized Pride Strength Training program, which includes personal training and a nutrition plan.

Our trainers at Pride Strength Training are here to help you develop a fitness plan that takes all of your fitness goals into consideration and helps you achieve the results you desire. While weight loss is a definite benefit of strength training, our clients also experience increased energy, decreased injuries, and improved flexibility and mobility. With so many great benefits, we don’t know what you’re waiting for.

National Women's Day at Pride Strength Training in Tampa, Florida.
It's National Women's Day. OF COURSE we are going to post a picture of a strong woman taking charge!


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