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Strength Training After Injury ... Yes! It's Good For You!

VOL I - Week 3

Happy Friday, Pride Family! April is well upon us, and we wanted to take the time to share on a topic that has been keeping our trainers busy in 2024! Many of our clients have come to us after an injury, asking about when they can resume strength training or how they can get back to where they were prior to their injury.

The good news is, strength training after injury is a great tool for anyone,

from young athletes all the way to more mature adults.


After an injury strength training, resistance training, weight training…no matter what you call it, working your muscles with resistance is an important component of an exercise program. This form of physical activity forces muscles to work harder. And there are many strength-training benefits -- especially those recovering from sports injuries.


As you are thinking about treatment options after a sports injury, Allison Gilmore, MD, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, outlines four ways resistance training can help your young athlete recover from an injury and/or prevent a new injury:

  1. Speeds up recovery after an injury. Most sports injuries require a period of immobilization or non-weight bearing. During that time, muscles tend to atrophy. To return to full activity as quickly as possible, resistance training is essential to building up lost muscle mass.

  2. Increases muscle mass and bone density. Muscles protect bone by taking some of the force generated in impact activities. Weak or atrophied muscles can lead to a loss of bone density. And a regular weight-training program builds up muscle mass to protect bones and increases bone density, too.

  3. Boosts athletic performance. A well-designed and supervised program that includes high-intensity resistance training, aerobic exercise and weight training will improve muscular strength, agility, balance, stability, coordination and overall speed.

  4. Reduces the risk for another injury. Since so many young athletes are playing a single sport year-round, the risk of overuse injuries is significantly greater. A well-designed training program can aid in preventing overuse injuries.

There are a variety of strengthening exercises that use the body’s own resistance. Here are just a few!

The most important thing is coming up with a program that strengthens your injury versus straining or adding undue stress.

Our trainers here at Pride can help you do just that!

In fact, they have helped our clients see some amazing results, even after injuries such as an ACL tear!

Check out Shana's 2-month progress:

There are also peptides that are becoming quite popular to assist with healing after injuries.


PRIDE is working with Dr. Brent Agin and Telewellness which offers a variety of peptides that we would be more than happy to set up a consult to discuss how they can help you on your wellness journal


Click on the image below to to look into what they have to offer and learn more!


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