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Wheeler Technology

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Full High-Performance Athletic Assessment

With the Wheeler Technology, we have created a full-body high-performance assessment. This will help you, as an athlete, to understand your capabilities and achieve your goals a lot faster

All Wheeler assessment is comprised of:

- Wheeler Jump

- Wheeler Yoyo

- Wheeler Cone

- Dynamometer

- Encoders

- Force plates

The Wheeler Technology can also be used for training areas that cannot be trained with other technology. 

After training and being evaluated with the Wheeler Technology, we can create full reports of your athletic performance. You will be able to use these comprehensive reports to:

- compare them with your peers.

- compare it with some of your previous reports to understand evolution

- Give it to a college or professional team as part of your introduction card. 

Get your initial assessment and get back to training more efficiently, smarter, and with goals in mind. Everything we do is scientifically based and data driven. 

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To learn more about the program, contact us here!

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