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Engaged Therapeutic Arts are committed to providing an exceptional patient care experience that promotes healing and recovery in a creative environment. Our vision is to serve our communities as the premier provider of rehabilitation care, resulting in our patients' highest level of independence.


What We Do?

We begin with a full body analysis to become aware of any soft tissue imbalances your body suffers from. We then coordinate a treatment that will create lasting results to improve overall daily function and connection with the targeted tissue. We break down habits that we do on a daily that trigger these imbalances. After hands-on therapy, we provide corrective exercises that will help sustain any results received from treatment. 


Neuromuscular massage therapy is a form of soft tissue massage that aims to alleviate chronic muscle and nervous system disorders and problems. It is mainly used to fix trigger points, circulation, nerve compression, postural problems, and repetitive movement injuries.




Myofascial release applies sustained pressure on targeted areas of connective tissue (fascia) that surround your muscles and bones. This pressure is meant to release the restriction in the connective tissue so that you have a greater range of motion and less pain.




It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on the topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with the movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing. And it may even help after an injury.



Medical Massage Protocol:

In addition to stress relief and relaxation, a medical massage focuses on a medical need. It is often used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation, relieve nerve compression, improve digestion, increase flexibility, or treat other health care concerns.




Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This may relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood flow and promote cell repair. It may also help form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue. Releasing pressure of nerve endings that are compressed by tight or inflamed muscles. 




The Graston technique uses a stainless-steel instrument and a special massage method to identify areas of muscle adhesion, or scar-like tissue, that can be improved.



TMJ Massage:

A TMJ kneading massage provides constant, circular motion against the joints and muscles most affected by TMJ pain.



Pre/Post-Natal Massage:

Prenatal massage is a technique involving deep bodywork to improve circulation, take the strain off muscles and joints, and help during the prenatal and postpartum pregnancy phases. Massage therapy can help minimize the discomforts of pregnancy.


13335 W Hillsborough Ave. 

Tampa, FL 33635


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